Jennifer Vrielinck

Jennifer Vrielinck

Author & illustrator


Jennifer Vrielinck Auteur illustrator is beschikbaar voor auteurslezingen. 

Jennifer Vrielinck (1971) is a television editor, writing coach, lecturer, author, screenwriter, poet and illustrator. 

She wrote the book ‘Ondine’ (Lannoo, 2018) about strong women and the sea, two themes that are close to her heart. After all, she herself sailed on an icebreaker to the North Pole, traveled half the globe, lived, studied and worked in Norway, Australia and Japan, among other places, and comes from a seafaring family. She has also written several short stories in collections and children’s books. Both travel adventures and close-to-home experiences.


She is currently working on a poetic graphic novel about the city of Bruges and on a family epic in two parts ‘The century of Flore Bouez’ about her great-grandmother. A novel Askøy is in the pipeline, almost finished, keep an eye on this site.

Jennifer is a member of the Poetic Collective and Harbalorifa theater company. She also coaches young writers and screenwriters and says about writing:

Dust always returns to the household, but not necessarily so with inspiration to write. Choose wisely!”


“As a child from a mixed marriage in every possible way except skin color I got all the philosophical and neurotic baggage that one can dream of becoming a writer.”

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Jennifer Vrielinck Auteur illustrator voor al uw lezingen en workshops.  Vlaams talent en inspiratie voor al uw lezingen en workshops. Boek nu. Ze is er voor al uw lezingen en workshops. Boek haar nu.

Jennifer Vrielinck Auteur illustrator

Jennifer Vrielinck Auteur illustrator