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In 2014 – 2016 I toured with other sea lovers with a sea movie, sea rock and great sea stories. It was so succesful that I bundled all those stories into a long story: Icebreaker.

My acclaimed friend Cathy and I took this one step further in 2016-2017 and brought a live musically substantiated story. It became a mature debut about the call of the sea and the deepest self.


“Sometimes quietly rippling, sometimes breaking out wildly, Ondine moves through life. As a fisherman’s child, she grows up between the waves and the muscular café stories, but that does not satisfy her hunger for life. In the inland she gets to know love in all its facets, but gradually she has to realize that no man determines her happiness. Then there is only herself… and the sea.”

Lannoo – 2018


Publisher: H G H, Harelbeke - 2004

Bibliophile edition with lead type and wood engraving by M. Buffel on handmade paper.

“Jennifer Vrielinck’s musings are among the most beautiful that this literary and artistic jack-of-all-trades has ever written. Existential themes prompt Jennifer to muse and (thank God!) she often does so in writing. Her musings run deep, but usually remain light-hearted. It is not the melancholy that dominates, but the confidence and the zest for life.”

(Foreword by the publisher: Jan Dewitte)


Publisher: Red. Raymond Koome - 2002

“The extent to which you gain impressions is limited. Think of it as making coffee. You can throw water and ground coffee beans together. Result: an indigestible substance. Or you can use a filter and let a taste form drop by drop. It takes time, effort. It’s walking through something step by step, gaining impressions and converting them to paper.Walking and writing, the ideal combination for me, whether on a volcanic island, in a tropical rainforest or in the Flemish polders.”


“Jennifer Vrielinck writes travel stories and essayistic fairy tales about the countries she walks through; Greece, Norway, Japan… but also closer to home, in Belgium and the Netherlands. And very occasionally her path crosses the line between reality and fantasy.”


Publisher: Manalone 2015

People at a coffee table after… after what actually? In eighteen short stories characters talk to each other about everything: social issues, dreams, desires, annoyances, irritations, love… or not, family, wife and children, work. Anyway… besides the pastries and cake there is coffee.
Short story: Café Russe.

De Boekenjagers

De Boekenjagers vzw - Veerle Nijs 2021

On the occasion of the group’s five-year existence, founder Veerle Nijs brings back beautiful, moving and funny memories. In addition, numerous authors and illustrators contribute to a collection of short stories, poetry, cartoons and drawings from a wide variety of genres.
Short story: Het Vlindereffect

Children and YA Literature

Als vogels in de lucht

Publisher City Ninove 2021

Under the wings of Mariette Vanhalewijn – and in the context of the Children’s book Month, the city of Ninove published the beautiful collection of stories ‘Als vogels in de lucht’ in February. In this collection of stories, the ten winning stories were bundled:
Short story: Merel


Boekentopper Publisher Van In - School year 2013-2014

“A very beautiful book about friendship, love, life and death.

Xavier, Karim, Ferre and Solange attend the same school. They each have their own lives, each their own ups and downs, each their own truth. Occasionally they run into each other. Until one day a red bicycle brings their stories together…

Xavier is a temper tantrum who is constantly running into his misfortune. He has a crush on Solange. But Solange prefers the handsome Karim. And if she’s being honest, she’d love nothing more than to kiss Karim’s best friend Ferre. Quiet, sweet, funny Ferre with a head full of worries. Then comes the moment when Xavier hits Ferre’s bike with his moped.”

This book topper from Van In is a pocket version of the original from Davidsfonds from 2009.

Het pestkoppen-gedicht

Publisher: De Brabander - 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Schildermans – Van Achten live in an apartment building. They make everyone’s life miserable until one day it stops. Nobody misses them. No one?

As people live more and more in cocoons, they become more selfish. Sometimes they even become insufferable to other people. They become bullies. But bullies are not loved.

Illustrator Trees De Brabander has published a beautiful booklet with her creativity. The text is an (anti-)bully poem written by Jennifer Vrielinck.


Publisher Davidsfonds - 2009

“The author lets the four young people each tell their story. The reader thus discovers that each of the young people views that decisive event differently. As a reader, you follow each character individually through this event. The characters are also very different, although they all attend the same school. Before the actual story starts, the reader is given a short sketch about a question to each of the characters, which also highlights a bit of the background of the characters. And from this, the reader learns that everyone has a certain background, their past direction in life; a direction that you don’t always determine yourself.

This is a very beautiful, captivating gem to cherish. Very much worth it!”

(Source: Pluizuit)

Groenhart de tuinpiraat

Publisher: De Brabander - 2008

Groenhart, 8+, Trees De Brabander,

  • First edition: 2008
  • Second edition: 2009
  • Third edition: 2011
  • Fourth edition: 2012

An at times eerie fairytale set here and now that explains the ‘eco capillary system’ to children aged 6 to 106.


Publisher Averbode - 2006

About being a child of an Aboriginal father and a white social worker. About the gap between indigenous people and the school, for example.

And especially about the Dreamtime.

Written with and among the Aborigines in Australia.


Publisher Averbode - 2005

About moving from the countryside to the city and about falling in love for the first time.

And especially about being ready. Ready for?

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