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Literaire auteurslezingen voor scholen

Jennifer Vrielinck is an author. After her studies at the University of Ghent (Belgium), Bergen (Norway) and Tokyo (Japan), she traveled and worked as an editor / journalist / copywriter / columnist / travel reporter and toured the world. 

In Norway, she studied Film Studies, Semantics and Poetry at the University of Bergen.
In Japan, she studied comparative cultural sciences at the University of Tokyo, specializing in Women’s Studies and translated Kamishibai stories.

From the magical year 2000, she settled down and began to write down all the collected impressions. She mainly wrote short stories and youth stories.

Jennifer Vrielinck won several writing prizes e.g. De Brakke Hond, among others. She then wrote short stories, travelogues, articles and novellas for various media.

Together with her three children came the desire to write for a younger audience. This was expressed in, among other things, two children books (11+) Danaë and Droomtijd at Uitgeverij Averbode and ‘Zonnebloemenzee’, which was released in February 2009 at Uitgeverij Davidsfonds, followed by ‘Groenhart’ and ‘Het Pestkoppengedicht’.

In March 2018, Ondine, a full-blown novel, was published by Lannoo. This novel of 350 pages takes you into the life of Ondine, child of the sea against the background of the decaying fisheries. It’s about strong women, absent men and the sea.

Jennifer Vrielinck gives lectures and workshops in schools and libraries. With her enthusiasm she wants to encourage children and young people to read and write.

She also gives lectures for grown-ups en is a writing-coach for debutant writers and a lecturer Scandinavian culture, literature and poetry. 


  • Poetry in the Japanese tradition
  • Poetry in the Scandinavian tradition
  • Strong Women
  • Fishing
  • Children’s literature
  • Creative writing
  • Storytelling using collages with words and images
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