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Jennifer Vrielinck | Askøy

In the 1990s, a young student and an elderly woman spend a year together on a Norwegian island on the Byfjord near Bergen. Gradually they adapt to each other’s lives, expectations, dreams, traditions and background, but also to each other’s grief and loss. For the underlying grief they both go through and try to hide from each other in the beginning is what binds them and what forms the love between them, not only for each other but also for the island, for Askøy with its rocky shores and steep hills, its overwhelming nature and violent storms, its isolation, its unstable sea air and endless tranquility. Against the background of forests, rocks and the ever-present sea, without any trace of sentimentality or false emotion, the relationship between an elderly woman and a young student is linked by that one emotion that never diminishes but which one eventually learns to bear. Because time goes on and on. It is a train of sorrow but without time there is no life, without time life is beautiful but also frozen like a butterfly stuck in a glass box. Thirty years ago, before the Internet conquered the world, when the mobile phone was not yet widely used and digital photography was not yet commonplace, going to another country for a year really disappeared from the radar, seeking solitude, cultivating solitude. And certainly when you went to live on an island where everyone spoke a language you had never heard before.

Flore Bouez

Jennifer Vrielinck | Flore bouez
When my grandmother died, the “valuables” were distributed, but no one noticed the box of “waste paper” outside the door of her room in the residential care home. 
I went through them: letters, diaries, postcards and photographs. I was called in three times for the distribution, but decided that it should be distributed without me. 
That box was worth more than anything to me. Now, years later, the diaries, letters and postcards are starting to become a family saga, not just any old one, but a life story so incredible it had to be a book.


Graphic Novel

Jennifer Vrielinck | Odette
About the loveliest house in my favorite city. I almost lived there, but then I didn’t. But no one can forbid me to dream that I live there. I knew the woman who lived there and have been there several times. 

Odette had a lifestyle that I would have loved to adopt with the house. In ‘Odette’ I try to describe that lifestyle with a poetic atmosphere in words and images.

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